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Friday, February 15, 2013

Sleep: Where Art Thou?

During every class and ironically, at certain times every day, I find my eyes dimming down... The mind dreaming of a bed, eager for a nap... Only to keep my conscience at bay! Every moment, I curse myself, thinking of the night before, "Why didn't I hit my bed early?" "Why did I stay awake?" These are the usual thoughts that come fore! Every night I finish my chores, thinking to be prompt and on time, While after the work, there's always a nag in me... A drag towards the "virtual world"... Simple browsing turns out to be a total crime! "This'll just take a minute", is what my mind says, "Lets see what's new on the news", is the next down the way, Taking an utter attempt to control myself and finally to disconnect, Only to find myself in my gaming utter, yet exhilirating dismay! The clock is very loyal, flashing the proper time... Yet it seems when night dawns, My desire to do a lot falls in like a rhyme! The night turns black, My yawns suddenly seem to lack... Yet I keep on telling myself that it's time to head back, Only to find that dawn's sarcastically getting out from the sack! Yet another night gone by, yet another promise being made.... And I crawl under the covers, hoping to doze off, hoping to fade... And from then on, the lids seem to lose their taste, starting to wide apart... And thus I lay on, wide awake like an owl, with only thoughts of the morning to dread! Finally a question so grand.... Why is this sudden energy surge becoming a steady biological brand? Frankly I do not know, neither do I care... As I desperately hope this attempt to pen a few words will bring back my yawns... Helping me go back to my "nightly" lair! I am finally heading back now, with a single hope... That I do not keep staring at the ceiling... And that in the morning, I can really cope, But my only wish is that I can honestly find... My slumber indications, the next day, on time! But dear Sleep, just on request, please don't sway, Please come back....don't run away!!!

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